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Matbea offers an opportunity for everyone to receive additional income by participating in our affiliate program. Tell your friends, colleagues and clients about us and get a percentage of their purchases!

Anyone can become a member of the referral program, and all the necessary links and materials can be obtained directly in your Matbea personal account.

For websites and forums

If you have a website or forum, simply share a referral link on your platform and start receiving a percentage from each Bitcoin purchase that your referral makes. For your convenience, we provide all the necessary materials: banners and gif-animations can be found directly in your personal partner’s account.

Individual terms and conditions apply to site owners, webmasters and other major partners. For any questions you can write to email:

For monitoring sites

The referral program Matbea is excellent for websites that monitor electronic currency exchangers. The amount of remuneration, in this case, is fixed - 0.5% of the amount of the purchase of your referrals. Not only we take our customers very seriously but also value the relations with our partners and are always ready to meet them halfway. Just write to us if you have special cooperation offers and we will be happy to discuss them.

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For individuals

If you want to receive referral bonuses, you don’t have to create your own affiliate website. Simply copy the link from your account page and share it with your friends or colleagues via an instant messenger, Telegram channel or any other resource that suits you better.

Please note that spamming, advertising on illegal sites, as well as misleading advertising and any fraud is strictly prohibited.

Many of our clients have already appreciated all the advantages of Matbea’s referral system and have become our reliable partners!

7 levels of the program

The Matbea affiliate program has 7 levels - after inviting friends, you will receive not only a percentage of their purchases of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash but also a percentage of the people they’ve invited and friends of their friends - just like that up to level 7.

The percentage is distributed as follows:

Level 1 (0.5%)

Level 2 (0.1%)

Level 3 (0.05%)

Level 4 (0.025%)

Level 5 (0.0125%)

Level 6 (0.00625%)

Level 7 (0.003125%)

The total amount of remuneration is not limited.

More detailed information can be found in your account in the tab “Partner cabinet

The affiliate program is not only profitable but also as transparent as possible - detailed statistics and the number of referrals for each level are available in the personal account of each participant in the “My group” tab.

In order to join our affiliate program, you must register on the site or enter your personal account.

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