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What is a Dash cryptocurrency and who needs it?

Dash (formerly – Darkcoin and XCoin) has been in the top 10 of the most popular currencies in the world since 2017. Comparing to Bitcoins, this cryptocurrency is less power consuming in the mining process, it is anonymous and use several algorithms.

The currency rate has been stable and hasn’t been changing significantly for more than half a year. You can download a digital wallet on the official Dash website if you want to keep your money on your PC or a flash-drive. However, beginners usually don’t have proper security programs to be protected from malicious software of hackers. That’s why we advise them to use special services. 

Special moments in buying Dash in the stock markets

Buying or storing Dash currencies can become a true problem. The reasons can be various, for example, Enlish-language services, lack of customer support or unconfirmed transactions. There are some other difficulties:

  • limits of currency exchange. For example, a popular service Bithumb can exchange only to Koreans wons.
  • high commissions. For example, Bit-Z service has a commission of 0,5-1%;
  • a complicated multi-factor verification which involves proves of identity and a number of other documents;
  • significant limits on withdrawing money (BITTREX);
  • paying for password recovery (Livecoin).

Matbea and advantages of buying cryptocurrencies via our service

Haven’t decided where to exchange cryptocurrencies easily and safely? On Matbea the exchange to Dash is conducted with no commissions. We have been helping our clients to keep and exchange their digital money for about 5 years. The Matbea exchange is convenient, it has been tested by thousands of clients and it has conducted multi-million transactions.

The popularity of the service and reasons to choose Matbea are obvious:

  • safety. The registration is clear, you need to enter your personal information and a mobile phone number which is used to confirm operations. The authentication is three-factor – the operations with funds are confirmed via text messages and a pin-code or a code send to an email.
  • user-friendly interface, a Russian-language version and a 24-hour customer support.
  • exchange and storing. The opportunity to spend your Dashes, store or  exchange into any other currencies. The exchange conditions are clear and are shown while entering the sum. Before you confirm the operation you will see the exchange rate and the exact amount of money you will get after exchanging.

Our online service has affiliate programs and a mobile version so you can manage your finance via your mobile phone.