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The popularity of cryptocurrencies and the demand for them doesn’t stop growing.

Why does this happen? What are cryptocurrencies? Why is it more profitable to buy Zcash for rubles, euros or dollars in the exchange office than in the stock market?

Let’s explain everything step by step.

What is the Zcash cryptocurrency and who needs it?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual money unit, which doesn’t have a physical analogue. It exist only on the Internet. It is protected with cryptographic technologies. In its turn, Zcach is a kind of internet coin, which has an open initial code. Distinguishing features of this cryptocurrency are its stability in the market, high safety, and its constant growth in the market, which contributes to increase in user’s profits.

Although we can’t hold this money in our hands, it can be a valid currency in trade relationships.

Specific moments in buying Zcash in the stock markets.

A cryptocurrency stock market is a true nightmare for beginners in this area. The first difficult moment appears when you choose a trading platform, because this is what the success depends on. It is necessary to take into account a lot of aspects: trading volume, reputation, limits, exchange rates and commission charges.

The second risk appears right after you buy Zcash. The point is that there are quite a lot of cryptocurrency stock markets, but almost all of them have an unpleasant feature – they can go bankrupt. Over the last several years, about 45 per cents of such platforms have closed “successfully”! Among the list of the closed platforms you can even find the services which were believed to be reliable. This happens because there is a lack of cryptocurrency turnover.

Matbea and advantages of buying cryptocurrencies via our service

The purchase of a popular and constantly growing Zcash currency(its rate has been growing since 2016) is a reasonable investment. The most important moment here is to deal with it wisely and chose a reliable service for storing your investments. You can create a digital wallet on, which is an innovative service, where users can conduct any operations with digital currencies.

Comparing to stock markets, Matbea has a number of advantages, among which we can name:

  • safety and reliability. We use a three-factor authentication, which no criminals can bypass;
  • an opportunity to make money. You can not only exchange currencies with no commission, but you also can make money with our seven-step affiliate program;
  • a good profit. Our service offerslowest commissions for cryptocurrency operations;
  • customersupport. You can contact our support service any time 24/7.
  • auser-friendly interface. You can manage your digital wallet both with a browser and with a mobile application.

To create a wallet on the safest exchange you need to visit the official website and pass a simple registration.

Buy your first cryptocurrencies in a reliable and credible exchange Matbea!