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Action. Create a wallet and replenish your account.

In order to exchange rubles in your account (the amount is displayed on the left in the “My accounts” section) on Litecoins, you need to follow a few simple steps. Go to the “Operations” section and this time we are interested in the “Exchange” tab. After you reach the exchange page, all you need to do is enter the amount in rubles on the left. The amount of your funds when transferring to Litecoins is automatically displayed in the field on the right.

You can find out how many rubles you have in terms of Litecoins and vice versa. To do this, enter the number of Litecoins in the field on the right, and you will see the amount per ruble in the field on the left.

Now you just have to click the "Exchange" button, after that all the operations will occur in automatic mode, and you get your first Litecoins! Congratulations! Now you have a reliable investment for the medium and long term, and most importantly your funds are kept in a safe place. You can always access them by logging in to

That's it! Now you have a full-fledged online wallet, which already has a part of your own Litecoin savings.

Exchange Litecoins on rubles

Do you want to send Litecoins?

What do you need to do if after buying Litecoins you want to transfer some of them to another Litecoin wallet? We've got you covered! allows you to send funds to another wallet whenever you need it. In order to send some of your Litecoins to the certain address, you need to go back to the “Operations” section, but this time you need to select the “Send Litecoin” tab. Here you only need to enter the recipient's mobile number or Litecoin wallet number, after that your funds will be safely transferred.

As a rule, funds are credited within a few minutes. The minimum transfer amount is 0.000055 BTC. If you have any problems or questions while sending Litecoins to another address, you can always contact our Support Team.

Send purchased Litecoins