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Dash can be described as a peer-to-peer decentralized cash. The main goal of this cryptocurrency is to obtain the same liquidity level as a regular cash has. As many other cryptocurrencies, it started its way as a Bitcoin fork with one particular difference: the transaction’s price in the network was significantly low. Moreover, the development community promotes an idea to use Dash as the main internet currency. These factors definitely have their impact on the dash price chart.

This cryptocurrency was born in 2014 and has 18 million coins in total. Another special feature of Dash is a unique interface that allows using its token when executing offline transactions. Currently, 7,4 million Dash are in circulation and the last coin will be mined only in 2300. One can only guess what dash price graph is going to look like at that time.

The average time of searching one block in Dash blockchain is 2,5 minutes that is 4 times faster than in Bitcoin’s one. Dash value is highly affected by the fact that it is an anonymous altcoin. It provides users with security and anonymity. Fast and relatively cheap transactions cannot be avoided and have a positive effect on Dash price now.

Another thing that contributes to the dynamics of Dash charts is that its blockchain suggests an independent control. It allows everyone to submit their proposal for a vote. As a result, more than 400 master nodes are taking part in such voting and 10% of each block is allocated for development projects.

Among the factors that affect Dash charts today in a negative way - competition with a high number of altcoins, bitcoin’s protocol improvement and, surprisingly, its privacy features. Privacy is often associated with sponsoring criminal activity and it has an adverse effect on Dash course. However, the total market cap and Dash exchange rates are guaranteeing this coin a good position in various cryptocurrency’s rankings.

During the last three years, Dash prices remarkably increased. However, as it usually happens, the growth slowed down. Looking at the Dash price live, we can predict a smooth rise with a generally satisfactory market condition.

Our website provides you with an opportunity to check Dash charts online and analyze the dynamics of Dash price charts usd. If you’re starting your trading journey, apart from learning dash price today pretty soon you’ll probably decide to make a few predictions. Have a look at dash charts live and you’ll see that there are quite a few types of bar’s style but traders usually prefer “candlestick”. It displays more data than a simple Dash charts usd line including the lowest, the highest and closing prices. If the candle is red, it means that the closing dash price usd was lower.

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