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Zcash is another decentralized peer-to-peer currency that once used to be just another Bitcoin fork. The main difference that made a positive impact on Zcash value is the possibility of private transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash uses a cryptographic technique - zero-knowledge proof - that not only ensures the accuracy of blockchain transactions but also keeps the sender, recipient and transferring amount private.

Another factor affecting competitive Zcash exchange rates is its fungibility. In order for each token to remain equally valuable and replaceable, ZEC disconnects them from the history. Since the history of tokens that use secure transactions is unknown, all Zcash tokens remain valuable, regardless of what they were used for in the past.

A zero-knowledge proof is a unique encryption method that creates a fertile ground for creating a new class of decentralized applications and can contribute to the steady growth of Zcash price charts.Among other things, Zcash allows you to conduct hidden and encrypted transactions on the blockchain. Users can take full advantage of this coin and be sure that their private financial information won’t become public.

Zcash charts basics

If you look at the market capitalization and Zcash price today, you can notice that it maintains a strong position in the top. Among the factors that adversely affect Zcash price graph, oddly enough, is its main advantage. Hidden transactions and anonymity are in great demand among those engaged in criminal activity, and this doesn’t affect the reputation of the currency in a positive way. Moreover, it can also contribute to enhanced regulation of the currency and usd Zcash prices are in a risky state.

You can easily check zcash charts online on our website. For those who are only gaining some trading experience, apart from checking the live charts, we recommend making at least a few first predictions. Have a look at zcash price chart and you’ll see that there are quite a few types of bar’s style, although professional traders normally use a “candlestick” to work with. It displays more data than a simple charts’ line including the lowest, the highest and closing prices. And colors do matter: if the candle is red, it means that closing price was lower.

Looking at the currency’s roadmap of 2018, we can see that it is an important year and Zcash charts today confirm this point of view. Although zcash price now is not what it used to be at the beginning of the year, the overall dynamics remains quite satisfying.

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